You are child again. You managed to convince your parents to buy you a new inflatable crocodile, now you lay at the beach on your new toy, the smell of sun warmed Rubber and sunlotion tickles your nose, your fingers are sticky of icecream, watermelon, french fries, salty waters, the sand. The sun burns and you slowly fade away, daydreaming.
In the distance you still hear the sound of waves crushing, kids playing, a cheap radio is playing – sounding like out of a tin can, cars passing by. Beetween heaven and earth, you swim with the fishes and fly with the birds, you dive into the ocean, meeting deep Sea Flowers and sing with the whales, in sleepy reveries.

1 Kanal Audioinstallation –
PVC, Blechdose, Audioequipment, Strandgut, Plexiglas, Glas
Ausstellungsansicht: „Emotional Rescue“ Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer


1 Kanal Audioinstallation –
Audioequipment, mixed media

Ausstellungsansicht: „It´s like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep from going under“ +DEDE